Privacy Policy

Last Revision: October 15th, 2023.

By your continued use of the FTCScout Website, you agree to the privacy policy located on this page, including any amendments that FTCScout makes in the future.

We don't collect or share personal information.


The only cookies we store are functional cookies. This means that they are necessary for the page to function correctly. We do not use tracking cookies, nor do any cookies we place contain any personal information.

Our cookies are used for the following, and the following only:

  • Saving dark/light mode preference
  • Remembering if you have dismissed a banner

You can delete these cookies in your browser settings.

Third Parties

We do not exchange your personal information with any third parties.


We care deeply about personal privacy. Any information we receive is information you choose to send us. Some of that information is automatically included with any request you make. Your browser makes a request every time you visit a website, or open a link to a new page on a website.

Information we process:

  • User-Agent String
  • IP Address
  • Request URL
  • Request Method

We use it to determine:

  • Total visitor count
  • Visitor count by country
  • User counts by platform (mobile vs desktop, etc)
  • Times of day people use FTCScout the most

The information we store cannot be used to:

  • Identify you
  • Find your precise location
  • Track you online

We do not use your information for any other purpose, and we only collect information sent to us by your browser.

Your rights under The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

To delete your personal information: We don't collect or share personal information, so there is nothing to delete. If you would like us to delete your visit counts from our records anyway, email us at [email protected] with your IP Address and User-Agent String.