About FTCScout

FTCScout is a repository of results and statistics on every aspect of FTC. View all a teams events, an event's matches, rankings and awards, the best results and matches for each season, and search for teams and events.

Started in Los Angeles, California, FTCScout is the passion project of a group of alumni from team 16321 X Drive.

Why FTCScout?

Although FTCScout provides similar features to other websites we believe it has several advantages:


FTCScout provides more advanced statistics than any other FTC website on the Internet. Although other websites offer many of the features of FTCScout, we collect them all in one place. Additionally, FTCScout offers features that no other websites do.

The rankings page for each event provides statistics for each team for every aspect of the game in six categories: Total, Average, OPR, Min, Max, and Standard Deviation. For Freight Frenzy we tracked 191 statistics.

As well as viewing these statistics for each team at an event you can also view the data for the whole season using our unparalleled Season Records Page. This page provides the same data as the event rankings page but for every event of the season. In addition you can use our highly capable filtering and sorting options to find even more information. For example here you can see the rankings of X Drive's Autonomous OPRs in California for the Power Play season.

Finally, starting in the 2022-2023 Power Play season, FTCScout now provides a visualization of the playing field for every match. To access this feature, just click "View Field Layout" in the score breakdown popup of any match.

Fast, Secure, and Accessible

We designed FTCScout with performance, security, and accessability in mind. FTCScout pages load fast and with all data at the same time instead of popping in slowly. As a result of optimizations, FTCScout receives exceptional Google Lighthouse scores and A+ security ratings from several auditors.

A screenshot of FTCScout's lighthouse scores showing 99% for Performance, 97% for Accessibility, 100% for Best Practices, and 100% for SEO.


Lastly, although this is a matter of opinion, we believe FTCScout is beautiful. We put a lot of effort into the design of FTCScout and think that it looks sleek, modern, and is the best looking of the FTC websites.

Our Team

FTCScout was developed by alumni from 16321 X Drive, and it is FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software), so you can contribute your ideas and improvements to it on our Github.