FTCScout has two APIs for you to choose between: a fully featured GraphQL API and a simple to use REST API.

If you ever need help with either API, feel free to ask for assistance on our Discord.


The FTCScout GraphQL API provides access to all of the FTCScout's data and statistics. It is used internally by the website.

Because it uses GraphQL, you can access as much or as little data as you need.

You can query this API at api.ftcscout.org/graphql or you can try the playground below or in a new tab by clicking here.


The REST API is best used for simpler cases. It is not used internally, and this it doesn't provide access to all of our data. For example, you can't perform season record queries using it. However, if you just need team data, match data, or single event statistics, it provides an easy way to access those.

Query the API at api.ftcscout.org/rest/v1.

You can view the full documentation for this API here.